TaroWorks™ is a suite of mobile technology tools primarily designed for use by field staff working in remote areas and monitoring & evaluation software running in the office. It is built on the Salesforce platform and accessed in the field via Android devices. Its modular design is fully optimized around specific field management and business analytics needs.

Our design is fully optimized for remote field operations management and program monitoring and evaluation, including robust business reporting and analytics.

  • Registering — Register a new client, project or entity
  • Monitoring & Evaluation — Integrate Social Performance Management tools including the Progress out of Poverty Index (PPI), measure and report your social impact performance overtime
  • Portfolio – Assign clients or projects to field staff, manage projects and teams
  • Transaction — Capture POS orders, manage inbound – outbound transactions and inventory
  • Training — Deliver structured content (text, video)
  • Performance — Manage individual and group performance, set goals, track progress, identify where additional support is needed

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Salesforce offers a highly configured data structure, which allows the design of elaborate surveys and in-depth analytics around key areas of your business.