October 13, 2016

3 takeaways from Dreamforce '16

Elaine Chang

3 takeaways from Dreamforce '16

Another great Dreamforce in the books! Last week, the TaroWorks team attended the Dreamforce conference in San Francisco, where we caught up with TaroWorks users and learned about how we can continue improving our tool. Here are our 3 big takeaways:

#1: Great client stories!

We’re so happy to see the number of TaroWorks users leading sessions this year. It was great to hear about the benefits of using TaroWorks for their offline operations. A big thanks to our clients who led sessions including

  • BOMA Project: Jaya Tiwari talked about how they shortened the time to see data and reports.
  • Camfed: Daniel Probert listed TaroWorks as a tool that’s helped them connect their remote field staff directly with Salesforce
  • d.light (pictured): Jacob Lewandowski shared how they used TaroWorks to keep solar lamp stock on the shelves and review up-to-date sales data
  • iDE Global: Gordon Lau shared rapid-fire learnings about using TaroWorks for confirming latrine orders and deliveries offline

Thanks to everybody for sharing your stories!

d.light at Dreamforce

#2: The Power of Us Solution Exchange

The Power of Us launched its Solution Exchange, a community-powered tool so people can see which other non-profits and social enterprises are on Salesforce, and what AppExchange apps they’re using. This is a great tool for you to reach out to each other with questions! If you’re not listed on the Solution Exchange yet, consider adding your organization. Check out this listing for Fair Trade USA.

#3: Reporting options

For those organizations who need more advanced reporting than what comes out of the box with Salesforce, there are lots of options! We’ve looking into Tableau, and Salesforce now has the Wave Analytics add-on, which also provides good slicing and dicing options. This could be helpful for managers who need to view data in ways that Salesforce doesn’t currently allow. Reach out to your TaroWorks manager if you’re interested in any of these tools.


About the author...

Elaine Chang


Elaine’s background in marketing research and data analytics has shaped her goal of helping organizations use insights from better data to create positive change in communities. She has a BS in Marketing and Finance from New York University, and an MBA from the University of Michigan. Elaine is based in Washington, DC.



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