March 15, 2023

Important: Banking Update

Riley Harding

Important: Banking Update

As of Friday, March 10, 2023, federal regulators have taken over Silicon Valley Bank. The Silicon Valley Bank is the bank of TaroWorks, meaning we are looking into opening a new bank account, and payment instructions for our clients may change.

What does this mean for our clients?
Client payments that are already in process will be deposited. As of Wednesday, March 15, our Silicon Valley Bank account is once again operational, so TaroWorks will continue accepting deposits and making payments as usual. To ensure there are no issues, if you are a client and you are about to make a payment, please let your Customer Success Manager know so that they can verify the payment.

New Bank Account
We are currently in the process of opening another bank account with a new bank and will update our invoices for our clients accordingly. If you are a client, please confirm the payment information with your Customer Success Manager when you receive it.

More Information
This is a developing situation, so as we have more information and updates, we will share them here. If you are a client and you have questions, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager.


About the author...

Riley Harding

Riley comes to TaroWorks with over 6 years of digital marketing, communications, and graphic design experience. Originally from Toronto, Canada, Riley is currently leading our marketing efforts in our Nairobi Office.


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