January 28, 2016

New Customer: Community Action Fund for Women in Africa

TaroWorks Team

New Customer: Community Action Fund for Women in Africa

Community Action Fund for Women in Africa

Our clients around the world do life-changing work to improve the lives of the poor and vulnerable and Community Action Fund for Women in Africa (CAFWA) is no different. CAFWA was established in 2006 with the mission of working in partnership with community-based groups to improve the lives of women in post-conflict areas of Africa. Rooted in the conviction that women should be active stakeholders in defining their own development strategies, CAFWA builds on initiatives that the women themselves have started.  Not only do women carry the heaviest post-conflict burden, they are central to the daily work of repairing fractured communities. When women are actively involved in decision-making, be it post-war reconstruction or small-scale civic action, their voices ensure that vital societal priorities are upheld.

To help themselves make sure women’s voices are heard, CAFWA is deploying TaroWorks. With the help of the App, CAFWA will gain better insight into the effectiveness of their programs and a deeper understanding of their impact. By engaging TaroWorks, CAFWA is allowing themselves greater visibility into their operations, enabling its advisors in the United States to easily monitor and better understand what is happening in the field with the team in Uganda.

Since their launch, CAFWA has empowered 4,000 women and has increased access to education to over 24,000 children. With the App, CAFWA hopes the additional insight they’ll gain, they will be able to expand their life-changing work to more communities across the region.


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TaroWorks Team

TaroWorks Team

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