April 28, 2016

Engineering For Change: Mobile Data Collection Tool

TaroWorks Team

Engineering For Change: Mobile Data Collection Tool

If you’re looking for a mobile data collection tool, there are many in the market that can help you successfully manage the last mile. Recently, Engineering for Change, ran a series on mobile data collection tools which we had the honor of being apart of. Below is a small snippet. To read the full article, click here.

TaroWorks is a mobile data management tool based on Salesforce.com. It began as a project with Grameen Foundation helping Grameen manage agricultural extension workers for social enterprises in rural areas. TaroWorks has since been developing and distributing this field data management tool to benefit other social enterprises and non-profits, who have their own field staff, in other countries and other industries.

“Our vision is to make it as easy to manage across the last mile as it is across the first mile,” Elaine Chang, TaroWorks’ manager of global market development, told E4C.

“This means that in addition to collecting data, we make it possible to push tailored information back out to field agents – making it possible for them to see personal assignments of things like regions or schools or farmers, to view previously collected data about their assignments, and to view performance metrics while offline,” Chang says.


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TaroWorks Team

TaroWorks Team

At TaroWorks we envision a world where it is as easy to manage across the last mile as it is across the first.


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