May 10, 2016

ICT4D 2016: From Innovation to Impact

TaroWorks Team

ICT4D 2016: From Innovation to Impact


Next week in Nairobi, Kenya over 600 ICT4D experts will gather to share best practices, key learnings and trends affecting global development at ICT4D Conference. From May 16-May 19, attendees will learn about:

  • ICT solutions that are having significant impact in development—with attention given to those solutions that integrate a number of the ICT building blocks identified in the SDG ICT Playbook.
  • Government ICT strategies, their alignment with the SDGs, progress towards their implementation, and challenges and experiences to date.
  • The intersection between government ICT strategies and the goals and strategies of private sector businesses and civil society organizations operating in the same geographies.
  • The structure of cross-sector partnerships and business models for ICT solution delivery that have shown promising results.

Each day of the conference will include plenary sessions. Plenary presentations will be followed by breakout presentations organized into the following tracks: Agriculture, Health, Education, Disaster Relief, Environmental Protection, Livelihoods and Financial Inclusion, Governance and Accountability, and Cross Sector.

Our CEO, Emily Tucker and Technical Manager, Erin Yamaoka will be speaking on the following days and topics on the Cross Sector and Agriculture Tracks:

Emily Tucker-

May 18 at 1.50pm EAT and May 19th at 10.45am EAT on ‘Deploying Mobile Tech to Scale Impact’

Book your place for each session here and here.

Erin Yamaoka-

May 18 at 4.30pm EAT- ‘Strategies for Ensuring Field Staff Adoption of Mobile Technology’

Book your place here.

For Emily’s presentation at 1.50pm EAT we will be broadcasting it live via Periscope, so be sure to tune in!

Fancy meeting up at the conference, email us! Not attending, don’t worry, we will have a full recap blog available in the coming weeks.



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TaroWorks Team

TaroWorks Team

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