November 23, 2015

Inside Scoop on TaroWorks 4.2

TaroWorks Team

Inside Scoop on TaroWorks 4.2

We recently launched TaroWorks 4.2, making data work even better for you! TaroWorks 4.2 wasn’t about making a big splash but adding key features which make your life and your field officers’ lives a lot easier, allowing your organization to focus more time on creating impact that changes lives.

During our webinar, our Technical Account Specialist, Erin Yamaoka showed attendees how to reduce error and streamline their data collection processes with TaroWorks 4.2. Erin also covered:

  • Using multiple drill-down hierarchies to deliver more data to mobile users and reduce user error.
  • Analyzing your TaroWorks data in eternal packages such as SPSS and using codes when collecting data to streamline the process.
  • Leveraging response validation to increase the quality of data you’re gathering with text and bar-code question types.

Want to know more, watch the full webinar above!

Remember everyone! Complete all upgrade steps from start to finish before working with 4.2. For any technical questions, open up a support ticket, or speak with your Customer Success Manager.


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TaroWorks Team

TaroWorks Team

At TaroWorks we envision a world where it is as easy to manage across the last mile as it is across the first.


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