January 12, 2023

Introducing TaroWorks Enterprise 2.0

Riley Harding

Introducing TaroWorks Enterprise 2.0

​​​​​​The launch of TaroWorks Enterprise 2.0 is here! In the new release, we have included features to help you better operate your inventory management and report on your products in terms of their sub-components. Learn more about these new features below, or watch the video for more details.

Release Highlights:

  • Product Bundling: TaroWorks Enterprise 2.0 will feature new product bundling, which will give you and your team better transparency into projected levels of finished products. 
  • Permission Sets: New permission sets can help you better manage your order and inventory management based on key personas. The five new permission sets include Administration, Read Only, Purchasing, Inventory Management, and Sales. These new permissions will be automatically mapped to all profiles on the upgrade.
If you’d like to arrange a demo of the entire TaroWorks suite of offline field service management tools, contact a member of our sales team here.


About the author...

Riley Harding

Riley comes to TaroWorks with over 6 years of digital marketing, communications, and graphic design experience. Originally from Toronto, Canada, Riley is currently leading our marketing efforts in our Nairobi Office.


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