May 24, 2016

We're at GOGLA's Annual Member Conference this Week in Nairobi!

TaroWorks Team

We're at GOGLA's Annual Member Conference this Week in Nairobi!

Around 1.2 billion people live without access to electricity; about 1 in 6 people on earth. Off-grid lighting addresses this problem by offering affordable lighting products that transform lives in developing and emerging countries, improving health and education, saving money and creating jobs and income opportunities. Off-grid solutions can transform lives which is why this week, our Business Development Manager, Anna Bofa is attending Global Off-Grid Lighting Association’s (GOGLA) annual general meeting of members in Nairobi, Kenya. GOGLA is an independent and not-for-profit industry association, with the mission to globally scale the off-grid lighting and energy solutions sector.         

So why are we attending annual meeting, you may ask? Well here at TaroWorks, we’re lucky to work with some of biggest innovators in off-grid power such as Solar Sister, Onelamp and Ilumexico. Mobile data collection for offline case and inventory management partnered with solar powered solutions and pay as you go tech (PAYG) can dramatically enhance the impact of an organization’s work with beneficiaries. During the conference, in particular, you can catch Anna at DESCO/PAYG and Last Mile Distribution workshops on May 26 in addition to the rest of the conference May 24-27.

Attending? Send us an email to arrange a meeting!

Stay tuned for a recap of the conference in the coming week.


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TaroWorks Team

TaroWorks Team

At TaroWorks we envision a world where it is as easy to manage across the last mile as it is across the first.


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