May 11, 2022

Welcome to the TaroWorks Family!

Riley Harding

Welcome to the TaroWorks Family!

TaroWorks is proud to announce that four new clients will be using our field service mobile app to help manage their operations and programs. Welcome to the family! We’re so excited to be working with these new TaroWorks clients:

Prison Fellowship International

Grameen Foundation Logo
Grameen Foundation Logo

Prison Fellowship International supports children in developing countries whose parents or guardians have been incarcerated. Their pilot project with TaroWorks will focus on digitizing their case management for each child’s journey. The program pairs a child with a dedicated case worker to ensure the child received support for their safety, health, education, and spiritual care. Prison Fellowship International will use the TaroWorks app to collect data from the case worker.

SAJIDA Foundation

The SAJIDA Foundation is an NGO that reaches out to marginalized communities to support them through microfinance, health, and other development initiatives. They are using TaroWorks to collect data and disseminate information for their project working in informal settlements in Bangladesh. Rather than adopting a ‘one size fits all’ model, SAJIDA is using a targeted toolkit and integrated service model to identify what tools/approaches are most appropriate to be used for each individual or household. They will use TaroWorks to generate a database of service users to facilitate service integration and access for the urban poor in Bangladesh.

Grameen Foundation/ GSMA Mobile for Development Foundation

Grameen Foundation and GSMA are working in partnership on a project to provide financial services for refugees in Uganda. This includes providing business skills training, grants for startup capital, and ongoing mentorship to enable refugees to start sustainable Mobile Money Agent businesses. The project will use TaroWorks to survey local communities and refugees, to identify ideal candidates for training, who would later be onboarded as Mobile Money Agents.

Grameen Foundation – Philippines

Barry Callebaut and Grameen Foundation Logo

The Grameen Foundation in the Philippines is working with Barry Callebaut to source cocoa beans directly through well-established presences in cocoa origin regions from cooperatives, intermediaries and government bodies. As a part of this initiative, they are working with local farmers to increase productivity. This project will utilize the TaroWorks app to train and guide the farmers in improving their productivity levels, as well as track progress and collect data.


About the author...

Riley Harding

Riley comes to TaroWorks with over 6 years of digital marketing, communications, and graphic design experience. Originally from Toronto, Canada, Riley is currently leading our marketing efforts in our Nairobi Office.


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