September 13, 2018

TaroWorks Adds New Offline Inventory and Fulfillment Features

Erin Yamaoka

TaroWorks Adds New Offline Inventory and Fulfillment Features

Without transparency into the supply chain, businesses who sell goods in emerging markets are seeing revenue decrease and costs increase when unexpected stockouts drive away customers or force the organization to replenish wholesale inventory with expensive retail items. TaroWorks customers have asked us to help them address these issues, especially in the last mile of their sales and distribution network, so we’ve launched a product extension that does just that by providing new offline inventory and fulfillment features.

Named TaroWorks Enterprise, this new inventory management and order fulfillment system is designed to direct product movement between suppliers, warehouses and last mile distribution agents – even from an offline smartphone or tablet. This additional TaroWorks functionality will expand our current suite of offline mobile CRM and field agent productivity tools, used by more than 100 organizations working in 42 countries.

Product Benefits

TaroWorks Enterprise will help our customers streamline their operations around buying, tracking and selling goods, by providing capabilities for sales orders, purchase orders, inventory adjustments, cycle counting and the ability to calculate cost of goods sold and profit margins.

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Image: TaroWorks Enterprise dashboard. Source: TaroWorks

These inventory and fulfillment features will enhance our current offline capability allowing completed transactions and accomplished tasks to be cached on a mobile device and then synced back to the Salesforce Platform when in range of connectivity. As is the case with current TaroWorks functionality, field staff using TaroWorks Enterprise will also be able to look up assigned records, histories and files on the mobile device offline.

The TaroWorks Enterprise product extension is designed to leverage both Standard and Custom Salesforce Objects, with the TaroWorks team available to help configure the system if needed. Since it is native to the Salesforce Platform, it will draw on its speed and computing power to process field data and generate business insights in real-time. Warehouse managers and headquarters staff will be able to chart sales trends, assess product availability and spot kinks in a supply chain using data visualization tools arrayed in a single dashboard.

See TaroWorks Enterprise In Action

If you’d like to see TaroWorks Enterprise in action and get answers to your product questions, you can schedule a product demonstration by checking the calendars of our team in San Francisco (USA) or Nairobi (Kenya).



About the author...

Erin Yamaoka

Dir., Product and Professional Services

Erin Yamaoka provides technical support and professional services to TaroWorks customers who have operated across more than 30 countries. With a background in technology consulting, she has a BS in Computer Engineering from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign and has worked with field teams in Sub-Saharan Africa.



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