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The Client

RefugePoint is a humanitarian agency that develops “lasting solutions for the world’s most at-risk refugees” by offering resettlement assistance, building self-reliance through training and supporting “the humanitarian community to do the same.”

Partnering with the UN Refugee Agency in 28 countries, RefugePoint delivers services including: community outreach, "... food, housing, healthcare, counseling, education, livelihoods coaching and small business grants.” It uses a case management approach to tailor programs to individual refugee needs.

The Challenge

RefugePoint needed to build out its case management system to collect a more robust set of data across the various phases of interaction with clients - “identification, assessment, stabilization, empowerment and graduation” - especially in remote areas that lacked wifi or mobile data connectivity.

RefugePoint also couldn’t analyze that data in real-time and visualize the results in a way that would more easily measure refugee progress and program performance. Finally, there was a pressing need to centralize data collected from various refugee field locations, which was being stored in separate databases.

"Our case management system is an important part of how we interact with refugees, provide them services and track their progress. TaroWorks has helped us transform this system into something that is flexible, can be used offline and will help us scale."

Walter Gitau - Senior Officer, Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting

The Solution

Vera Solutions, a Salesforce implementer and TaroWorks partner, designed RefugePoint’s Salesforce database to centralize data previously stored across separate and unconnected systems. They also incorporated all facets of the humanitarian organization’s case management system into the database and created dashboards that helped RefugePoint staff track key business operations metrics like caseload per case manager and clients per geographic area. RefugePoint staff can use mobile offline tablets to administer vulnerability assessments, which when synced to the organization’s Salesforce cloud CRM, can determine a household’s need for help and assign a case manager to provide such assistance.

RefugePoint field teams use TaroWorks’ mobile field service app to amass this information and, because the app works offline, to operate in the most remote locations. Since TaroWorks’ case management tools allow a two-way flow of data between the field and central Salesforce database, RefugePoint case managers can use their mobile device to review the history of contact with each beneficiary before every new visit. Every mobile device equipped with TaroWorks also gives its user a customized view of only that team member’s refugee clients - avoiding the need to wade through unrelated case files.






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