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Social Franchise

The Client

Street Business School (SBS) is an award-winning non-profit, providing entrepreneurial training for women to help them triple their incomes and lift their families out of poverty with dignity. Street Business School does this through a social franchise strategy, in which non-governmental organizations (NGOs) are trained to deliver the program to people in their local communities.

The Challenge

SBS’s mission is to empower women as entrepreneurs and train other organizations on how to implement the SBS entrepreneurial training program in their communities. SBS hosts workshops wherein NGOs learn to train on the adaptable curriculum. Before the SBS localized training begins, NGO trainers collect baseline information from participants. Data is collected again right after graduation from the SBS program and one year later. Trainers had been collecting data in the field, uploading it to an Excel spreadsheet and sending it via email to SBS, a manual and time-consuming process. SBS needed to streamline and digitize this work to scale its process and measure its impact more quickly and accurately.

“TaroWorks has made managing our relationships with a diverse and distributed group of NGOs easier by uploading field data to a central database that teams can access, analyze and use to make business decisions in real-time.”

Devin Hibbard, CEO, Street Business School

The Solution

SBS used TaroWorks’ mobile field service app to help their partner NGOs digitize the data collection from participants in the SBS entrepreneurial training programs. SBS developed forms that field team members can use on their mobile devices to collect data, such as baseline participant surveys, qualification criteria and training progress. TaroWorks is used offline to collect data when trainers are in remote locations with no internet or mobile data connections. When connected later, trainers upload the data to SBS’ Salesforce cloud database. This alleviates the time-intensive task of manual data entry and data sharing.

SBS currently has 150 partner NGOs globally and has developed reports and dashboards within their Salesforce CRM that track baseline information, post-graduation progress and other impact metrics. This allows SBS to assess the impact of their program among NGO partners in real-time and measure the progress of program participants.






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