December 20, 2016

Easy Mobile Forms - New TaroWorks Software Release

Elaine Chang

Easy Mobile Forms - New TaroWorks Software Release

Easy mobile forms and more intuitive  layout are now available with TaroWorks 4.4!

Based directly on user feedback, our newest TaroWorks version (4.4) provides features to make last mile data collection easier by making it more intuitive for your mobile field staff, especially for tasks like taking attendance.

Now available in this new release of TaroWorks software:

  • Table format questions: Mobile forms that mimic paper forms by allowing a table view of questions.
  • Pre-populated rows: Pre-fill repeated sections with data (including names for attendance purposes!)
  • Field mapping score results: Save score results directly from the mobile form into Salesforce
  • Mobile data saving and recovery: Collected data is backed up, and mobile users can see logs of synced jobs.

If you’re ready to upgrade, make sure to read the release notes, and complete all of the upgrade steps. For any technical questions, submit a support ticket, or speak with your Customer Success Manager.


About the author...

Elaine Chang

Elaine Chang

Director, Market Development and Customer Success

Elaine’s background in marketing research and data analytics has shaped her goal of helping organizations use insights from better data to create positive change in communities. She has a BS in Marketing and Finance from New York University, and an MBA from the University of Michigan. Elaine is based in the San Francisco Bay Area.



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