August 10, 2016

Welcome, SOIL!

Elaine Chang

Welcome, SOIL!

Offline mobile CRM for SOIL

The TaroWorks team is excited to welcome the latest client to use us for offline mobile CRM! SOIL is a nonprofit in Haiti that provides access to safe, dignified sanitation, which produces rich, organic compost as a natural resource. They’re a pioneer with sanitation in Haiti, having built the country’s first waste treatment facility in 2009. Through their work, they create economic opportunities in some of the world’s most under-resourced communities. They distribute EkoLakay, their composting toilets, to individual households in two of the country’s largest cities.

As running the EkoLakay service generates larges amounts of vital data in the form of payments, bucket collections and tracking potential customers and client contracts, SOIL needed a robust system that could handle all their significant data needs. When they first launched their service in 2011, they were putting all this data into a single Excel spreadsheet. With 700 customers and six confusing, interconnected documents later, they desperately needed a new solution to store and organize their extensive sets of data!

So how will TaroWorks support their work? SOIL field staff will be using TaroWorks as an offline mobile CRM system to register prospective households, record monthly payments, and log weekly bucket collections on their mobile devices. Managers will be able to see instant updates of these activities in Creole or translated into English. In just a short time, the dedicated SOIL staff will be hitting the streets, gathering data on their smartphones with the support of TaroWorks.

To keep track of how SOIL is continuing to make a difference in Haiti, feel free to follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn in the coming weeks and months for updates!



About the author...

Elaine Chang


Elaine’s background in marketing research and data analytics has shaped her goal of helping organizations use insights from better data to create positive change in communities. She has a BS in Marketing and Finance from New York University, and an MBA from the University of Michigan. Elaine is based in Washington, DC.


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