October 31, 2018

Select Dreamforce 2018 Sessions

Elaine Chang

Select Dreamforce 2018 Sessions

Salesforce’s Dreamforce 2018 sessions are full of great real-world user examples and exchanges of best practices. We’ve selected a few links to session recordings that can be helpful as you’re considering a mobile field service app, or trying to get more out of your system. Enjoy!


Artificial Intelligence for International Program Management

Session description: How do you manage operations to build, survey, construct, and track quality for the construction of 160,000+ clean cookstoves across rural Honduras? By orchestrating Salesforce, Einstein, Mogli SMS, and TaroWorks. See how the Mogli and Proyecto Mirador teams innovated and orchestrated complex Einstein Image automations via offline mobile, SMS, and standard Salesforce workflow, Process Builder and Visual Workflow.

How Are We Doing? Visualizing Progress on Sustainable Development Goals

Session description: In 2015, the United Nations set a collection of 17 global goals for sustainable development. But tracking the progress that we as a nonprofit sector are making towards that goal has been a challenge. Learn how Project 8 and The BOMA Project, two trailblazing nonprofits, have developed solutions when it comes to tracking, analyzing, sharing and comparing data, and measuring progress. This session will demonstrate how technology facilitates powerful collaboration between everyone as we work toward achieving our development goals.

Thanks to all of our TaroWorks users for sharing your inspiring stories with everybody! To browse through more of the Dreamforce 2018 sessions, check out Salesforce’s YouTube playlist. And for select sessions from past Dreamforces, go to our recap here.


About the author...

Elaine Chang


Elaine’s background in marketing research and data analytics has shaped her goal of helping organizations use insights from better data to create positive change in communities. She has a BS in Marketing and Finance from New York University, and an MBA from the University of Michigan. Elaine is based in Washington, DC.


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