June 11, 2015

Why Solar Sister Decided To Use Data Management Software

TaroWorks Team

Why Solar Sister Decided To Use Data Management Software

Give a big TaroWorks welcome to our newest customer Solar Sister!

WATCH: Solar Sister’s ‘Business In A Bag’ programme in Uganda.

Solar Sister eradicates energy poverty by empowering women with economic opportunity. They are creating a deliberately woman-centered direct sales network to bring the breakthrough potential of clean energy technology to even the most remote communities in rural Africa.

With an ever expanding staff and operational locations, they realized that the data they were collecting needed to be organised. TaroWorks’ data management software was a time-saving solution, mobile solution.

Our customers come from a number of different sectors and have very differing experiences with data collection and management. We strongly believe that any organisation, working in any part of the world should have access to high quality and timely data. You don’t need to be data experts or Fortune 500 companies to get access to quality data management software – you don’t even need an internet connection.

Caroline Mailloux, Director of Engagement, summed up Solar Sister’s goals for TaroWorks perfectly:

“Solar Sister is delighted to partner with Taroworks to upgrade our current data collection system. As a direct sales company, data has always been critical to our business to increase the effectiveness of our recruitment and training of Solar Sister Entrepreneurs and the sales and distribution of clean energy technologies. Our field staff of more than 40 Sales Associates support a network of 1,500+ Solar Sister Entrepreneurs throughout Uganda, Tanzania, and Nigeria.

Currently, we fill out surveys, applications, invoices, and receipts –  all on paper. These documents are later signed and manually entered into Salesforce. With Taroworks, the entrepreneurs and end customers that we work with will be able to sign forms and submit electronic paperwork directly on tablets or smartphones, which we can then sync with Salesforce and reference for all of our reconciliation and auditing needs.

We believe that working with Taroworks will improve the quality of our data, decrease the time our staff spends on administrative work, and better inform our operations and programs – all which serve our larger vision of light, hope, and opportunity for everyone, everywhere.”

We are proud and excited to see how Solar Sister will use TaroWorks to help bring clean energy all over Africa.


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TaroWorks Team

TaroWorks Team

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