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The Client

BRAC, one of the world's largest NGOs, runs a range of social development projects in 11 countries. The Skills Development Programme (SDP) in Bangladesh enables disadvantaged women and men to improve job skills, income and their workplace. This project focuses on:
- Developing apprenticeship and entrepreneurship in the informal economy,
- Enabling growth in the light engineering sector, and
- Building a pool of skilled professionals for the country’s formal sector.

The apprentices, or Learners, train with a Master Craftsperson who is an experienced shop owner or worker within trades including tailoring, mobile phone servicing, refrigeration, aluminum fabrication and beauticians.

The Challenge

BRAC needed to scale its operations and use data to drive continuous improvement. The SDP leadership team knew that the paper-plus-spreadsheet systems it used to manage the program and direct its field operations would not scale to a country-wide effort.

To scale, they realized that they needed to digitize their project processes, but the traditional MIS systems available to them focused on donor reporting rather than program management and capturing field data needed for decision making. Also, regional managers had practically no experience using a smartphones or laptops so they needed a solution that could be used by the entire team, not just a few managers.

“…We needed a technology where we were able to capture data offline as things were happening in the field. We needed a real-time field operations management system and for us, TaroWorks served that purpose.“

Eshrat Waris, Manager, BRAC Skills Development Programme

The Solution

The SDP Team used TaroWorks and to collect data offline in the field and administer mobile data collection surveys, digitize the rating of Learner progress, and visualize trends and roadblocks through dashboards. With more current field data, the SDP team also used TaroWorks’ offline CRM to improve the program, by better matching Learners with the right Master Craftsperson and helping program managers assess the performance of frontline field teams. After conducting a 15-branch pilot test, BRAC scaled the use of TaroWorks’ field services app all 141 SDP branches supporting more than 64,000 learners. (Read More)


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Bridges to Prosperity


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