The Client

Sustainable Organic Integrated Livelihoods (SOIL Haiti) is a research and development organization developing a social business model for providing access to a safe, affordable and dignified sanitation service that produces rich, organic compost as a natural resource for Haiti’s badly-depleted soils as well as economic opportunities for its citizens.

For a small monthly fee SOIL’s social business, EkoLakay, provides over 1,000 households with ecological sanitation (EcoSan) toilets that are serviced on a weekly basis. All waste is safely collected, transported and transformed into rich compost in a treatment process that respects World Health Organization standards. SOIL produces more than 40 metric tons of agriculture grade compost each month, which is used to support agriculture and reforestation efforts throughout the country.

The Challenge

When they started out, SOIL Haiti's field agents used pen and paper to log their sales, toilet installations, weekly servicing and other business activities. Their paper logs were eventually transcribed into Excel spreadsheets. This system worked pretty well when they had 100 customers but as their customer base grew, it became clear their ability to scale operations, link distributed data and make business decisions in real-time was limited by their lack of an integrated, flexible and mobile data management system. Lastly, if SOIL was going to deploy a mobile field services tool, it had to function effectively - and in Haitian Creole - in areas where mobile phone data service and internet connections were limited or unreliable.

TaroWorks has been immeasurably useful because what I thought we needed our mobile data collection system to do is only a tiny fraction of what we’re actually doing with this product.

Erica Lloyd, Systems Director

The Solution

SOIL Haiti uses TaroWorks and the cloud database to digitize and support their daily business operations. TaroWorks’ offline mobile CRM capability provides company payment collectors access to a customer’s payment history, demographic and other information on a mobile device regardless of connectivity. TaroWorks and Salesforce have also helped SOIL’s field agents to log and respond to product maintenance requests as well field customer satisfaction surveys using Net Promoter Score. Data visualization dashboards give SOIL’s managers powerful business insights into the most effective sales and marketing techniques, like the effectiveness of promotional offers or rewards programs.


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