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The Client manufactures, sells, installs and services a hybrid reactor biodigester, which transforms animal manure from small and medium size farms into biogas for clean cooking and a nutrient-rich organic fertilizer. With more than 53,000 biodigesters installed in Mexico, Central America, South America, East Africa and India, this social enterprise has helped over 319,000 people produce 19,200 cubic meters of renewable energy per year while mitigating more than 557,000 annual tons of CO2 and improving the living standards of thousands of smallholder farmers.

The Challenge wanted to digitize its paper and spreadsheet-based data collection and analysis approach to develop a comprehensive system for coordinating field and office processes in real-time and scaling its Mexico-based business to other continents in a way manual efforts would not allow. Promoting the product, assessing the smallholder farmers’ need and ability to pay for a biodigester, manufacturing the unit and installing the system were all facets of the company’s business that would benefit from a mobile field service app. Operating in rural areas, the organization also needed a way to manage workload and garner business insights even when there was no mobile phone data signal or internet access.

We needed a comprehensive CRM tool that connects the field team, central office and manufacturing plant. We were looking for a smart, integrated, mobile and digital management platform that would help us maintain high data quality and to be able to share the data immediately through the whole company. TaroWorks gave us that capability.

Esther Altorfer, Chief Operations Officer

The Solution

Using TaroWorks field management system integrated with’s cloud database, created an offline CRM which enhanced the flow of data between the field and headquarters and was essential to supporting business operations dependent on communication between multiple stakeholders. Field agents accustomed to working in areas without reception, can now conduct their field activities on their mobile device where they have the latest information from the central database at their fingertips, including farmer contact information, repayment history and a record of their customer visits. strengthened its asset-based biodigester financing program by building a scoring system that assesses farmer creditworthiness using a smartphone and monitors its loan portfolio with data visualization dashboards.

Data collected through TaroWorks is also used to show progress against sales and installation goals on Salesforce dashboards, visualizing data in real time for strategic decision-making. The click-to-call and view GPS coordinates features help monitoring and maintenance agents locate biodigestors since they are not always the same people who installed the original equipment.

White Paper: How Streamlines and Scales Its Operations with TaroWorks




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