May 7, 2015

Your One Stop Shop For TaroWorks 3.1

TaroWorks Team

Your One Stop Shop For TaroWorks 3.1

Now that TaroWorks 3.1 has been out for a few weeks we wanted to put together a comprehensive guide to its features and, more importantly, how you can start using them.

First of all, check out the video above to see a presentation from our 3.1 webinar that goes over all the new features in detail.

For a quick overview of the features you can take a look at this blog post. For more information about the specialised PPI features, check out this blog post.

Three new features

  1. Assigning jobs to groups
  2. On-device scoring
  3. PPI dashboards and reports

When you click on the links above, you will be re-directed to our step-by-step support documentation that will give you all the information you need to start using these great new features.

Upgrading from 3.0 to 3.1

To get access to these new features, you will have to upgrade to our newest version. Please click here for our complete walkthrough on how to get up to date. This process has six steps that are laid out in detail on our support site.

Please note thatĀ there are a few things you should go overĀ before you can get started:

  • You must be on TaroWorks version 3.0 or higher. If not, please upgrade to version 3.0 first.
  • Communicate to the following to your Field Officers:
      • Perform a final sync
      • Remain Logged into TaroWorks
      • You will be prompted to download an update upon your next sync
  • Log in as System Administrator (Customize Application and Modify All Data permissions enabled)

With that, you should be all set. Have a great time using the new features. We especially love to see photos of people using TaroWorks in the field – tweet them to us! We collect these photos on one of our Pinterest boards, it’d be great to start seeing some TaroWorks 3.1 images on there.


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TaroWorks Team

TaroWorks Team

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