May 27, 2020

Introducing TaroWorks 6.2

Elaine Chang

Introducing TaroWorks 6.2

Introducing TaroWorks 6.2, our latest mobile app software update with a more streamlined way to manage your mobile user accounts at scale, and compatibility with Android 10. Our new interface streamlines the process of creating TaroWorks mobile users and managing assignments en masse, so it’s all accessible from one screen.

TaroWorks 6.2

In this TaroWorks 6.2 Release:

  • Streamlined mobile user management: Use one interface to set up mobile user accounts and manage their jobs and record access. Optimized to help TaroWorks administrators manage mobile users at scale.
  • Support for Android 10: TaroWorks now supports devices running Android 10.

TaroWorks 6.2 Feature Preview

For Existing Clients

Join us for the TaroWorks 6.2 release webinar on Wednesday, June 3, where we’ll review these features. Register here.

If you want help implementing these new features, reach out to your Customer Success Manager or get ideas from fellow users in our Power of Us Community.

Considering Purchasing TaroWorks ?

We’d like to learn about your organization and the challenges your field team faces. We’d also like to know how you hope to use a field services app (i.e. for business intelligence, managing your field agent network, digitizing your business operations).

You can schedule a call at your convenience by checking the calendar of our team in Nairobi (Kenya).

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