May 7, 2020

TaroWorks COVID-19 Response

Brent Chism

TaroWorks COVID-19 Response

Dear Colleagues,

Like you, we have been watching the rapidly evolving response to the COVID-19 Coronavirus. We hope that all of our partners are staying safe and healthy, especially those with field agents doing critical work in communities and on the frontlines.

Top Priorities

In light of the rapidly evolving situation, I wanted to share with you TaroWorks’ priorities in how we are approaching the Coronavirus outbreak.

  • Our highest priority is the safety of the vulnerable populations you serve as well as the safety of our clients, partners and team.
  • As best we can given the circumstances, we are committed to continuing our mission to improve the lives of the underserved through technology that improves field service. 
  • As a global organization, we realize that local context is important and that different locales will call for different responses. We will consider those when making any decisions such as travel or in-person meetings.
  • We will remain transparent and open with you about our decisions and status.

Steps Already Taken

We have already taken the following steps in response to the outbreak.

  • Starting March 16, TaroWorks implemented a work-from-home policy for TaroWorks staff in all offices worldwide. This policy will be periodically reassessed.
  • We have curtailed all travel except for that which is necessary and does not conflict with guidance from local authorities.
  • We have curtailed participation at events or conferences and limited in-person meetings to small gatherings.
  • We have also advised staff to practice good hygiene and, where called for by local authorities, social distancing.

Prepared To Work Remotely

While this situation will cause delays and challenges to business as usual, TaroWorks has the resources to work remotely, so we are committed to do our best to provide support services without interruption and to keep moving our professional services projects forward. Your Customer Success Manager will be in touch if we expect any specific impact for you. 

In the meantime, please don’t hesitate to contact me or your Customer Success Manager (Elaine Chang or Lily Kisenga) if you have any feedback or questions on TaroWorks’ Coronavirus response.

Best Regards,

Brent Chism

TaroWorks Tools to Use When Field Operations are Curtailed

TaroWorks clients can use a variety of our mobile field service app’s features to help remote teams stay productive and connected to customers even though they are not operating in the field due to COVID-I9 quarantines.

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