January 23, 2018

TaroWorks 4.7 is here!

Brent Chism

TaroWorks 4.7 is here!

Message from our CEO

We’re pleased to announce the newest TaroWorks release – version 4.7! The most noticeable change in this release is a terminology change: moving from the term “survey” to “form.” This may seem like a small detail, but it comes from the evolution of the TaroWorks suite and our vision for the platform so I think it’s worth taking a moment to explain why we are doing this.

When TaroWorks got its start, many development organizations were just beginning to use mobile tools to conduct surveys in the field, often while offline. Our initial product focused on providing that capability integrated with Salesforce.com for data management and analysis.

At the same time, we’ve always envisioned that TaroWorks would provide much more than just surveying capabilities. In the years since, we have focused on adding service capabilities that offline field teams can use to manage project and business operations. This includes the offline ability to guide field staff in their activities, allow them to access historical data and updates from a central database, and to see their up-to-date performance metrics.

The majority of TaroWorks clients already use our solution for a wide variety of offline field services including managing sales transactions, conducting assessments, tracking inventory levels, scanning training participants, and managing maintenance issues and queues. Though these activities include an element of inputting data, they’re not really “surveys.” We’ve heard from our clients that they really consider these to be “forms” – and we totally agree.

Starting with TaroWorks 4.7, you’ll see that we have replaced all mentions of “Surveys” with “Forms.” Forms work exactly the same way as Surveys – there is no functional difference.

In addition to the terminology change, TaroWorks 4.7 also includes bug fixes. As always, you can find release notes and upgrade steps on our Support site.

We look forward to hearing what new use cases this will open up for everybody!




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